I Have A 1995 Mazda Millenia And Its Surging Forward And Shutting Off As I Drive. Why Is This

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The car has 198,000 miles on it. I bought it from a girl who said that she had it run through the diagnostic test and it needs a new mass air flow sensor and thats why the check engine light has been on ever since i bought the car. When I drive on the highway or on even around town the car will lunge forward a bit like im being shaken or given whiplash. Then I will step on the gas and it hesitates. The car will also die for no reason usually when im driving less than 50 miles an hour and sometimes when i come to a stop. It usually it starts rite up but sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries. It feels like a gas surge or a the gas isnt getting through. I was told it might be the throttle body or some kind of sensor, i think its the mass air flow sensor. I repalced the fuel filter but that didnt help the problem What do you think it is? Help me please, I need to take care of this problem and fix it before it gets worse. Thank you very much – David

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    1. Dodge Man says:

      It could also be a bad throttle position sensor causing this to happen also,id have it scanned again to see,it may have developed another problem from the time you bought it from her,having it scanned will at least tell you which sensors are bad on it,good luck with it.

    2. Rachel T says:

      Replace the mass air flow. They are a key sensor in the way your engine will run. Your engine does not know the amount of air entering if it is bad, fuel metering is then not correct eithier.

      Edit: If you are unfamilliar with what does what. Suggestion would be to go to a trusted mechanic. A code for a sensor does not mean that the sensor is bad. A little extra money could be better at spending a lot throwing parts at it in hopes of a fix.

    3. Epitt72 says:

      Take it in to a high quality shop and have them diagnose it. It may vary well be the Mas Air flow sensor but it must be checked out. Just because there is a code for a sensor does not mean that it is that sensor. Any help you get here is only a guess.

    4. Jay says:

      Could possibly be MAF sensor. but you need to have the SES light diag’d for yourself before you start throwing parts at it. the symptoms you describe could be caused by a fault in just about any one of the continuously monitored PCM inputs on the car (ie MAF, throttle position sensor, manifold absolute pressure, etc) as well as deficient exhaust catalyst. find out what codes have been stored to illuminate the SES light and go from there