I Don’t Think My Fuel Is Getting To My Carburetor, Car Stopped While Driving, Wont Start Help Please.

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Alright, So first i have a 1993 Honda Civic SI hatchback. Its always been very well taken care of and rarely driven.

Anyways, so i was driving on the service road earlier today, about 10minutes after i left my house, and i was in 4th gear and then i noticed the car was going slower, so i pressed the gas but nothing happened, then i put it in 3rd gear and pressed the gas still nothing.

So i put my signal and turned into the nearest entrence which happened to be some old parking lot, while i was turning i noticed that the power steering was most likely not working as it was hard to turn and all. The car was still running.

I shut off the car and it wouldn’t start again, I checked the engine and everything seemed alright, it was not leaking anything.

The car turns over but the gas does not get to the carb (i dont think so)

Im thinking of going tonight, checking the fuse box, Which fuse box should i check? What else should i check? What do you think the problem might be? Thanks.

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