I Am Trying To Find Out The Year Of My Engine Block

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I know it is either a 302 or 289 small block, but i need to know what year for parts purposes. does anyone know how to read the stamp number on the block?

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    1. nigelshiftright says:

      Fords have a metal tag attached to a bolt on the ignition coil. If that tag is missing, you’ll have to track down a “casting number”, but this may not tell you the year, only the type. Ford engines are hard to identify, you won’t be the first frustrated person.

    2. [email protected] says:

      http://www.classicmustang.com/decoding_part_numbers.htm ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.classicmustang.com/decoding_part_numbers.htm)
      Will answer all of your questions I think

    3. richard b says:

      actually you want to look for the part number that is cast in the block on the side near the starter as i recall. the first two characters will tell you the year, for example C6 is a 1966 part. that said however, the only parts that are different between the 289 and the 302 are the crankshaft, connecting rods, and the balancer. one more thing the 302 up until 1980 or 1981 the balance factor for the ford small block is 28oz, after that the balance factor changes to 50oz. the 351w remains the same balance factor by the way.

    4. jac1067 says:

      On the cast in number, it will start with a letter and number for the first two digits.
      c= 196? 0-9 so say a C8 would be 68
      d= 197? 0-9 so D7 = 1977
      e= 198? 0-9 so E8 = 1988
      f = 199? 0-9 so F3 = 1993

    5. Ford Girl says:

      ALL Ford part numbers are formatted as follows:


      Example: F6AZ – 6584 – CA

      F6 = 1996 model year A = Crown Victoria Z = responsibility

      6854 = Basic part number for valve cover gasket

      CA = Suffix denoting side, colour, or different application etc.

      With that said, look for a the first two digits as someone already posted meaning C4 = ’64 model year, C5 = ’65 model year, D1 = ’71 model year, E4 = ’84 model year, and so on. The third digit of the prefix will be the model application, so Z = Mustang, T = Truck, A = Ford Full Size Car, S = Thunderbird.

      Any engine part will have a 6000 group basic number, meaning 6049 = cylinder head, 6500 = valve lifter, 6250 = camshaft, 6010 = engine block, 6582 = valve cover, and so on.

      Hope this helps.