I Am Running Out Of Answer For My 1998 Chevy Camaro V6 3.8L

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My problem started with a main bearing that needed replaced and through the process I replaced alot of parts. New crankshaft, piston rings, heads, all gaskets, oil pump (gears), water pump, spark pugs and wires, oil pressure sensor, new oil and filter. Too much $. Now she’ll start and run good, except the oil pressure. At the initial start it will be around 60 or a little lower but after the car warms up it will drop to 35 or so. If you drive for 30-45 min the oil pressure will read in the red 0. Also when I sit at a stop light she’ll act like she wants to die but won’t. We have checked over everything. Could it be a wrong crankshaft meaning not enough clearance, or the piston rings, or maybe timing? The big issue is the oil pressure. We’ve had to pull this engine apart a couple times and are getting tired of it. We are doing the work our self. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I know its hard without actually seeing the car or hearing it but anythings worth a try.

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    1. camasap says:

      Sounds bad, If I were you I would just take it to a chevy dealer, and have them diagnose it. the once you know whats wrong if you feel up to it you can perform this repair your self.

    2. zebj25 says:

      Oil pressure sending unit? I think there are 3 on that engine but you’ll have to check the manual.

    3. dodge man says:

      i own a repair shop,and oil pressure starts out from the main bearing,from there it goes all through the engine,and the pump is responsible for getting it there ,i think you have a clearance problem in the bearings,that will cause this to happen,it can happen there or in the cam bearings also,something is getting hot ,and closing the gap you need to get oil pressure,you need to check one or two of the bearings and see it has wore the grey area off of it,if it has this might mean you don’t have enough clearance in the crank,and that will shut it down like you was saying it was doing,also a bad cam bearing will do it,if one isn’t lined up right that will cause this to happen also,it needs to be checked,and i hate to say it,but it may have to come out again,that’s the only way good luck with it,i hope this help,s.

    4. mattrunltd says:

      Are you getting oil on your plugs ? maybe your cylinder bore. and check to see if your staggered your piston rings when you installed them.

    5. shopteacher says:

      A couple things, First, did you plastiguage the the crank and bearings before install? It’s a small plastic thread that is placed between the bearing and crank. When you torque it down then remove the cap, the thread is crushed. Compare the width with the indicator on the side of the package and it shows you your bearing clearances.Check both the mains and crank bearings, one at a time and check it against the engine specs. Secondly, it could be the oil pump housing. When you replaced the gears, was the pump cover scored or worn at all? Third could be the pressure relief valve on the oil pump itself. It may be sticking open allowing the oil to be pumped back into the pan directly.

    6. mesafuzzyz says:

      DODGEMAN and SHOP TEACH have the possibility’s.
      The old way to do this, is that while the engine is on a stand, you feed oil into the engine via an external pump, then check the drip rate with the oil pan off.
      Notice I called it a drip rate.
      Under no circumstances should you see a steady stream of oil coming from any bearing, only drips.
      The external oil source can be achieved with an old Chevy. V-8 oil pump.
      Thread the output with pipe threads and stick it in a coffee can, running it with a 1/2 drill, attach a hose to the pipe threads and feed it into the oil pressure sender hole on the engine.
      If everything is correct you will see every main/ rod/cam bearing just dripping at room temperature, with 10W30 motor oil.
      Any stream of oil needs to be corrected.

    7. ghostwalker077 says:

      it could be a few thing wrong , first you could have a bad oil pump. are you got the main bearing in wrong,