I Am Noticing A Jerk From My Car While Sitting At Stop Lights And While Driving, What Could That Be

Posted in Internal Engine Parts | Asked on Apr 3, 2011

I got a complete tune up in April because the car would hesitate when I accelarate and jerk while driving and sitting at stop lights/signs. Now for the past month it has started doing the same thing. What could this be?

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  1. Bungee says:

    Is your boyfriend in it somewere

  2. Pedro S says:

    Don’t know what jerk when stopped means how can it jerk if not moving? check engine lite on ..get scan…advance auto free

  3. Gary S says:

    Transmission could be slipping.If it’s an automatic,about $600-$800 to get it rebuilt.If it’s a manual,then you need a new clutch,about $500.Did you replace sparkplugs and give it a shot of carburator/injector cleaner?Both can cause hesitation when accellerating.Most tune ups replace the air filter and sparkplugs,a clogged fuel filter can starve the engine for fuel,especially at high flow.It would help if I knew what car we’re talking about.You could have a short in the sparkplug wires and not know it.

  4. Neebler says:

    It could be an ignition problem. Try taking the car to a different mechanic this time.

  5. Duster360 says:

    Possible Motor mount. My car had an upper mount broken and when I would take off it would jerk, and at stop signs. Try this: Open the hood of the car, put the car in drive, next with your foot on the brake, gently step on the gas. If you see the engine move upwards you have a bad motor mount. Next put the car in reverse and try it again. If the engine moves again, bad mount. Its not to expensive but should be done to stop this problem. Good Luck.

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