How To Change ’82 Chevy 350 Engine W/an Auto Trans To Manual 4 Speed Trans In My ’71 Chevy C10 250 Engine PU

My 1971 Chevy C10 [bought in ’81] Pickup [shortbed/fleetside] 250 Engine, 3/4 ton Transmission + “Four on the Floor” [compound low] + Positraction >

For the past 20 years it had a “Rear Seal Leak” > So it “Guzzled” a quart or more of “Fresh Oil” every couple of weeks > The “Capacity of Oil Consumption” [depended on work load/terrain] > After Going Strong and Long with 567,000 “Miracle Miles” > It “Gave up the Ghost” > Out on the 101 Freeway last month > Pistons “Shot Thru the Pan” [in four places] > There is a “Hole in the Block” [8” across] Crankshaft went Humpty Dumpty > “All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men…. Ain’t Putting That Engine Back Together Again…!!!] >

Just to “Get Back On the Road” > I am “Monkey In the Middle Moving” > I’ve been in the same place for a 1/4 Century > I got a “Pack Rat Scavenger Salvage Mountain to Move” > I “Have to Have” my Truck “Star Traveler” for my “Spaced Oddessy Stranger In a New Land Adventure” !!! >

So I looked [w/no luck] for another 250 engine > instead I found a 1982 Chevy C10 with a “Running” [in the truck] “Complete” 350 swb engine [rebuilt 4,000 miles ago] with mostly “All New” engine components [carburetor, distributor, starter etc] for $250.00 that I could not pass up !!!

My truck has a “Manual” 4 speed transmission and the > 1982 C10’s > 350 engine had an automatic transmission > Thus I need some advice on “How to make the Change” > I have been doing some research > So I learned that I could use the 10″ clutch [that was in my truck] but instead > I’m getting a great deal on a “Practically New” 12 inch Flywheel + Pressure Plate + Clutch for $100.00 !!!

What I really need to know is…… “What Else Do I Need > To Do” ? > I read something about a Pilot Bushing [on a Corvette Forum] but I am not quite sure what they were talking about….?

I have always “Worked”> On all my vehicles since I was a 19 yrs old [I am now 56] > Getting technical/mechanical “How To” Help/Direction from Master Mechanics/Gearheads friends >

I‘ve saved myself lots of money [I did not have] being a ‘Parts Changer’ but because I have a “Long Term Memory Disorder/Disability” [result of a Car Crash/Brain Injury when I was 3 years old] > I never advanced to being a ‘Full On’ Mechanic > Because I can’t remember “How To” > Until I get reminded by doing them again later [short term memory okay] >] I use manuals and notes and “A Little Help from My Friends” > So I get by……

I’ve done all your “Basic Mechanic Tasks” [Brakes, Replaced Parts etc..including engine and transmissions > thou auto electric is not my forte > beyond simple shorts etc..] PLUS Auto Body [being an Outsider Artist [all mediums] > I am pretty good at that]

I’ve never changed a “Transmission From Automatic to Manual or the Reverse”

So Any and All > “Word Up/Up Word” Advice/Help Will Be Much Appreciated w/Thanks !!!

Lichen I aka Grease Runner
[email protected]

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