How Do I Convert Ft./lb To In./lb On A Torque Wrench

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Many car engines call for parts of the cylinder head to be in in/lb and
just wondering if there is a way to use my torque wrench that measures in
ft/lb instead of paying for another torque wrench

There are 3 Answers for "How Do I Convert Ft./lb To In./lb On A Torque Wrench"

    1. Ray G says:

      one ft lb =12 in lb

    2. LeAnne says:

      You really need an in. lb. torque wrench for any real accuracy.
      There are 12 in. lbs. to each ft. lb. and the ft. lb. scale really isn’t accurate enough to pin down, for example, 36 in. lbs. which would be 3 ft. lbs.

    3. mustanger says:

      If it gives the reading in inch pounds then divide it by 12 to get foot pounds. The problem is that the torque ratings for those items are so small that most foot pound calibrated wrenches aren’t accurate enough to properly measure them. That’s the reason for going to an inch pound wrench. For example 50 inch pounds is 4.16 foot pounds and 100 inch pounds is 8.3 foot pounds. Neither are really readable on a foot pound wrench.