How Do I Clean The Inside And Outside Of A Throttle Body On My Subaru Outback

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Can someone please provide me with a manual or website that directs me how to locate, remove (clean) and safely replace the throttle body?

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    1. stanchfi says:

      The throttle body is between the plastic intake hose and the engine. You there will be a cable running to it, that is controled by the gas pedal.

      You can buy some throttle body cleaner spray…the reason to clean the outside it to make sure the throttle cable operates freely. you should be able to remove the plastic intake hose, and spray some of the cleaner inside, while moving the throttle cable to make the butterfly valve move.

      reassemble, and start the car, and see if it runs better!

    2. autodude1804 says:

      If you go to a auto parts store or even Wal-Mart. Get some Carb cleaner or Carb and Choke cleaner. It is a very good cleaner for just what you want to clean. It evaporates fast so there is no residue and no mistakes. Be careful it is flammable.

      There is just 4 bolts to remove it and unplug the sensors (do not remove the sensors, just unplug them) you will need to get a throttle body gasket because once you remove the old one it is not reusable (its like $6-10). The biggest pain the butt is removing the accelerator cables.

      Here is the website ^(

      There is a picture to help you locate it, look at the surrounding things and this will help you to locate the throttle body.

      Good Luck!