How Can You Tell If You Have Cracked Your Engine Block

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I had $3000 repairs made to my pt cruiser, Dodge Dealer, replace- radiator, hoses, water pump, resurfaced engine block- honed 2 cylinders, had compression tests done, new plugs, new head gaskets, new everything except engine !! and many more new parts- 2 weeks after I get the car back its bubbling and has Capachino colored anti-freeze and not a drop of oil in it.. Dodge stated a cracked bock or a hole in the block.. any advise ?
I think they really messed up by not putting the car back together properly? Any mechanics out there HELP !!! Please email me at [email protected] or [email protected] — Thank you
Dodge surfaced heads, honed cylinders. Is it possible to get an engine crack from this? The car ran fine- even before the $3k work was done- just had oil in the radiator. I am slightly ticked off because of course they are trying to make it out like I did something wrong.. I have not even driven it but for maybe 100 miles since I have had it back ..
So Capuchino colored anti-freeze again! can the heads be messed up again? Or would there be a hole/ crack in the engine?
What is the magnaflux ?
ORIGINAL PROBLEM: car overheated, never red lined the car – had oil in the radiator- car kept overheating of course because of the oil in there… this was the first time that it went to Dodge… 2.5 weeks ago .. and now its back there with no oil..
thank you all for your answers ! really very helpful to me !!

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    1. Get Real says:


    2. holmen_qb7 says:

      If your car idles higher than normal would be a good sign…

    3. Daniel R says:

      what problems were you having before the above work? it sounds like the block is cracked, it would have to be an oil passage next to the coolant jacket in the block or a cracked head. i don’t think they messed it up putting it back together but they may have misdiagnosed the original problem.

    4. Don S says:

      What was wrong with your PT cruiser that you had to spend 3K dollars worth of repairs. If I were you I’d go back to the Dodge dealer and raise hell. I think you got took big time. Assuming that your original problem was a cracked block, the engine should have been pulled out and disassembled to determine the extent of the crack. They should have magnafluxed the block to find out if there were any hairline cracks. The Dodge Dealer stated a cracked block or a hole in the block, DUH! after they did all those things. By the way the radiator, water pump, and new plugs don’t have anything to do with your problem. Only reason why a cylinder needs to be hone is if it out of round or out of taper. After doing that, it will need new rings. Nonetheless, I would make a big stink to the Dodge Dealer and take them to small claims court if I have to.

    5. section hand says:

      Just a guess;What ever it is, they should do the work and get it right;
      What was the Resurfacing Block,?Maybe they Bored out Clyinder. too much and too close to Water Jacket;I would go back to the Dealer and ask them to Fix the Engine;No cost to You;If not look, at Your manual it is in glove box, the back page has a Regional Directer; Send Him a Copy of what has happened,Keep copy for self;I had to use The Rep;about 20 yrs ago;I don’t know what He said to the G.M. Dealer but the local Dealership called me to bring in the Vehicle,They did a good Job and were courteous about it;
      Note if You don’ get satisfaction take vehicle to a Reputable Shop,have them Disassemble engine and Log in
      each step and their Opinion,sign it;
      Now You are ready for court;This worked for me, and just before court date they offered me a Fair price Case was settled: