Cost To Install A Rebuilt Engine In 1987 Camaro Z 28

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My son has a 1987 Camaro Z28 (auto transmission) with a bad engine that can’t be repaired. I’m wondering what it should cost to have the current engine removed and rebuilt 350 engine installed. I have a price of $1,600 from a mechanic who has good references to remove the engine, rebuild a 350 engine from an existing block and install the rebuilt engine. Is this a reasonable price? What type of guarantee on parts and labor would be reasonable?

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    1. greasemonkeyredneck says:

      I don’t know about the area you live in, but I live in Mississippi, and did mechanic work for thirteen years. To do what you are asking with me supplying the block would have run you about $1500 plus parts. I gave a one year, 10,000 mile warrenty as long as the customer provided reciepts showing he done regular maintenance such as oil changes on it. I gave him a schedule to follow which varies depending on the mechanic who rebuilds the engine. I recommended oil changes at 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, then every 3000 after that.