Cost Of Rebuilding A Ford 289 Engine.

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How much is a average price for rebuilding a 289 engine from the block up. Im not looking to bore it out at all, but maybe port and polish the heads. Im looking to do mostly bolt on stuff except for a new cam and what not, but Im trying to get 300 to 350 hp. Also I am going to use mostly o.e.m parts unless I can afford upgrades (pistons, rocker arms, intake, etc.)

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    1. loaslostnfound says:

      5000 – 25000
      you can turn one up
      or just make it run

    2. bitchinchoppers says:

      If you wanting to use OEM parts, and not bore it out dont be expecting 300-350 horsepower. It aint gonna happen.

    3. Sean K says:

      It depends on a few different things. Some things that can come into factor are if you are going to do most of the work yourself or not, where you are going to get your parts (what type of cam, carburetor…) so on. A new cam could cost from $300 up, cleaning up the heads will depend on what machine shop you go to but think in the area of $300 up, depending on if you need new valves or anything like that. Depending on the specs of a new cam such as lift or pressure put on the springs then you might need new ones if they are old. Depending on what type of carburetor the 289 comes with you might want something a little bigger if you are going to get a better breathing cam, heads, headers and/or exhaust system. You might want to look into packages that some companies put together (e.g. Edelbrock) so that you get a cam that will work nicely with a new carburetor. You will definitely also want new gaskets, (head gaskets, carburetor gaskets…) so factor in some there. Around $250+ for all that. I would say to put a 289 into the 300hp range then you could do it for probably $1,750 to $2,500+ more depending on what parts, the quality of parts, or shops that you take to get your work done at, and the quality of the engine in the first place. Hope this helps as I am in the process of building up a 1971 302ci engine right now.

    4. shocked says:

      Where I live, you can have it done for about 1500-2300 by a pro, but it may be different in all parts of the country.

    5. johnhurd11470 says:

      well you wont get that kind of hp with out major mods chief unless it is hypo 289 there are two different types of the 289 a good cm will help a bunch make sure your intake and carb are set up for the cam you purchase eldibrock has some great kits one suggestion i have for you is head work put big valvles in your heat 189 intake and 202 exhaust is a great start also a 3 angle vavle job is recomended remember if youre modifying the head dont be cheap put heavy duty spring and retainers on those big valves for high reving with valves like this you will get excelent flow and good hp on low and top end and a high rise intake kit will make it come to life you will need a good carb i would recomend a eldibrock 750 cfm or holley 750 vacume secodary for a good start if you are going to run nitrus on it make sure you put drop forges steel pistons in it a 10 to 1 flat top is good for these fords they like the higher compression ratio well that should get you going on a nasty rat motor good luck with it let me know how you make out ps mods like this will run you about 1500.00 us