Car Died While Driving

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Over the weekend, my other car broke down on my lady while she was driving; from what she tell’s me, she was driving and the check engine light went on with the battery, and oil light, and the brakes and steering wheel locked up, so pretty much all the things that would tell me that a car died on you. So i’m thinking it’s the Fuel Pump that needs to be changed. Or Crankshaft Positioner Sensor, or Camshaft? would any one know what it would sound like to them? and if it is, how much does it run for to have the fuel pump replaced, with the part in hand? I usually change everything on this car my self, but i don’t want to mess with the gas tank… I don’t want to die….

Also, i’ve worked on it, and there is still gas in the engine, so that’s telling me that it could be electrical… Oh and checked all the spark plugs, but nothing. Maybe a faulty wire???

Some one please give me info….

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    1. Kathy D says:

      have you checked the simple stuff first. like the battery and the alternator. If either one of those is bad your car will just die while driving. I’ve had it happen to me twice.

    2. bobweb says:

      So, your still running that old 1965 Buick?
      If the yellow check engine light came on while the engine was running, the stored error codes can give you a clue what may have failed. As Kathy above suggests, if your battery is over 4 years old, do yourself a favor and buy a new one. Your going to need it to diagnose any other problems you have.

    3. Jay says:

      It sounds like the fuel pump. To find out, disconnect the fuel line at the engine. Have someone turn the key on without cranking the engine over. If gas is pumped out, the fuel pump is ok. If not, it’s not. Could be a faulty coil or wire. What kind of car is it? It may be easier than you think to replace the fuel pump. It ain’t gonna kill you or the mechanic would say “that’ll be a million dollars. Just pay my wife, I aint gonna need it where I’m goin”. Good luck

    4. javman says:

      It could be all the things you said, does the car crank over, if it does then is there a smell of fuel from the tail pipe when you crank it over, if it cranks and you can smell fuel then it’s not the fuel pump.
      From your descripton I would suspect the cam belt has broken, remove the cam belt cover to check it is still there and tight. Need more info for better answers.

    5. overnightdeejay says:

      yo went right to the hardest and most expensive parts to fix first without even considering the idea that it may be something simple or cheap…

      You also never mentioned what make model or year the car was, so a specific answer could not be given…

      From personal experience, if a car just shuts off like that, it is an electrical problem… Check your battery first, if it is more than 3 years old then get the car load tested….

      Nothing makes me break out in a rash faster than spending anymore on car repairs than I absolutely have to, and I positively hate guessing.

      Start with one system at a time, and check everything simple first, eliminate the cheap stuff and work toward the harder and more expensive stuff as you go…

      your brakes and steering all locked (or just lost power assist, and FELT like they were locked up) because the engine died..

      the fuel pump wouldn’t just go, it would sputter and stumble first.

      CPS or camshaft also would not just fail without giving a lot of advanced warning first.

      If you are interested, the cause of the problem when my 2003 Ford Taurus died on the road at 60 mph was the battery failed, and without power the car just shut down… completely dead..

      AAA tow to the dealer, and $90 bucks later we were back on the road.

      Again, get the car load tested, and start with the most obvious and cheapest stuff first before you just start blindly throwing money at it…

      If you really want to throw money away then let your wife have your wallet for a weekend, at least this way you’ll get something back out of it.

    6. A man says:

      The timing belt/chain could have broke. I had one break on me and didn’t hear a thing. The engine just stopped running. And of course when it stops running you have no power steering, power brakes, etc. I don’t think it’s a short since you still had power. This and that light were on you said. Pull off the distributor cap and move it outta the way. Have someone crank the engine and if nothing inside the distributor spins around, then that’s what it is. The rotor should turn if the engine is cranking. If not, it’s the timing belt/chain.