Car Cuts Off While Driving

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Sometimes when I’m driving my car, it’ll randomly cut off. …Almost as if someone took the key out of the ignition. Once I stop the car and restart it, it’ll drive fine for a while until it does the same thing again. Any ideas or possibilities as to why?

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    1. Zanilth1984 says:

      Do you notice if your lights are dimming, or your radio display is getting dim before it does this? If so, have your alternator checked out. It won’t be doing this for long before your car dies out completely if it is the alternator. Otherwise, have your battery checked, the fuel relays, fuel pump, and injectors.

    2. Flux says:

      Probably something to do with your engine, but you should stop driving that thing anywhere that isn’t empty.

    3. Gearnofear says:

      The car completely dies regardless of speed? Or it seems to do it more at cruse? have you had any check engine lights? You never mentioned the year make and model of the car, so this is just a generalization of what the problem may be. I would first take a look at the battery cables and make sure they are clean and tight on the battery. Next I would inspect the accessory belt (Fan belt) and see if it is cracked, glazed or shows signs of wear. If so then you need to replace the belt, if the belt is slipping it will sometimes cause the engine to cut out. another thing to check are the relays for the fuel pump, ignition system, and ECU. these are the cause of most intermittent problems on newer fuel injected cars. You may also be seeing the start of a coil pack failure. On GM cars this is the signs of the coil / Ignition pack failure. so you may want to take that and have it tested. the other solution (Possible but not likely) is your ECU on the car is starting to fail. Most shops are able to run the computer through a diagnostic test to see how it is functioning and if you have a New (96 and newer) car the computer will store critical codes for up to 200 key turns. from what I know only the dealer is able to see and read these codes as it requires a more advanced OBDII computer to get in to that part of the ECU. Over the counter units will only show the trouble codes. These are some ideas and some places to start looking. Start with the simple and cheapest first and work your way up. Good luck and happy hunting.

    4. Keith says:

      It may have a short in the ignition wiring or perhaps you have a fuel filter that needs changing. Here are some more possibilities: clogged fuel injectors,bad carburetor,bad distributor,tune-up or you may need an alternator . you haven’t given enough information about the year,make,mileage and, model of your car to be more specific. Good luck in finding the issue and, I hope I’ve been of service to you.

    5. Lem604 says:

      My car was acting like this to and the reason was that fuel pump had become weak and was not able to feed the engine enough fuel. i would get a fuel pressure test done.

    6. Imposter says:

      My car did the same thing and I decided to buy a used 2004 Civic EX in silver. You just never look back after making a fine decision like that.

    7. Jamie says:

      Yes it can very wel so mean your alternator and i had a problem like that with two of my cars one was the cole pack and the other was a wire from the cole pack to the rotor button thats under the distributor cap if not try the cole pack or alternator