Car Blows Cold Air When Stopped, But Blows Hot Air While Driving.

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I want the air to blow hot when stopped. Its cold out

There are 6 Answers for "Car Blows Cold Air When Stopped, But Blows Hot Air While Driving."

    1. Rango says:

      Check the coolant level, every time I have seen this happen, it is caused by low coolant. there may be other causes but this is the first place to start and most likely the culprit.

    2. Rgkraut says:

      Sounds like you may be low on antifreeze, maybe due to a leak….hopefully just low. Try checking that first. Might also check the thermostat.

    3. Worriedone says:

      Watch your temp guage. If it is moving; ex: it goes down when you stop and up when you drive or it never goes up. If these things are happing it my be your thermostat.

    4. Markyp00 says:

      You may have a partially blocked engine compartment heater core. At low speed, the water pump is not working hard; so you get very little fluid in the heater. At high speed, the water pump is pumping lots more fluid through the entire system, so you get more heated fluid into the heater core.

      You may need to have the cooling system back-flushed. If you do, be sure they back-flush the heater core.

    5. Anthentherwasi says:

      Sounds like the heater valve isnt opening what kind of car is it and what year its not the thermostat or heater core

    6. Sidecar0 says:

      Low Coolant! Weak Water Pump! Need New Belts!