Can You Have A Blown Head Gasket And NOT Have Coolant In The Oil

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Hi my younger brother had his Honda Civic overheat, we had it towed to the mechanic and they’re saying it’s a blown head gasket BUT we looked when it overheated and didn’t see any coolant and oil mixing…is it possible that it’s something else? Hope I’m asking this the right way:-)

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    1. Mr. Knowitall says:

      You sure can.
      Compression leak between the water jacket and cylinder.

    2. Kenny says:

      Yes. Like what Mr.KIA said, compression. If the coolant is foamy and/or smell of gas and exhaust, the head gasket is blown.

    3. Q says:

      Wow!I’ve got compression leakage testers,coolant pressure testers,exhaust gas analyser,combustion gas dye testers,in short several thousand beer tokens worth of test kit and sometimes even I’m not 100%,until I open it up,and you can tell just by looking!!truly WOW!

    4. Steven says:

      It really depends on what part of the head the leak is. I found a read up on the different symptoms. Several years ago. I had on ’93 Pontiac with a blown head gasket and there was never any coolant in the oil but it was leaking compression the cooling system and leaking coolant into the cylinders which came out as steam at the tail pipe.

    5. Richard S says:

      If you have a blown head gasket, the coolant is going to go some where. Either you will see steam at the exhaust or excessive compression in the radiator which will cause the radiator to blow a seam or crack. Or as you said, in the oil. Simple test is to pressurize the cooling system and remove the spark plugs. If the pressure diminishes, the coolant is escaping and if it is going into the cylinders, a turn of the ignition key will show a spray of coolant from the spark plug hole that is receiving the coolant. Good luck, it doesn’t always have to go into the oil.

    6. Geoffrey_0007 says:

      With a blown head gasket you won’t necessarily get coolant and oil mixing, this only occurs when the the head gasket breaks up and the orifice ports of the oil and coolant are bridged. So I suspect your water jacket has opened up. If this is the case, you will need a new head gasket set fitted.

    7. Bigdawg says: