Can I Run A 4stroke Motorcycle Without An Exhaust

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My exhaust pipe fell off and got run over. i tried to make it as round as i could and i put it back on the bike. In the part where the end of the pipe connects to the engine block, theres a big gap. some of the exhaust is going through the pipe, but not all of it. Im guessing 50% of the exhaust goes through the pipe and 50% is leaked out. How important would it be to get my exhaust fixed? i have a custom made exhaust and ive been to a motorcycle shop and they couldnt even get a new exhaust.
honda xl 185
4 stroke

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    1. Candid Chris says:

      Yes, for a short while, a very short while. Running your engine without exhaust, especially headers will fry the exhaust valves first, make them seize and cause further damage to most of the components there after.

    2. tronary says:

      go to an exhaust/muffler shop. They can make pipes any size and bend them as required.

    3. Hormazd Irani says:

      The exhaust pipe is a scientifically designed piece of tuning equipment which is fixed in its build. It is not just a piece of pipe as may be the general impression. If you are having a custom built exhaust, it may already be far from perfect simply because when looks take a priority, engineering concepts take a back seat (which is bad).

      Under the circumstances, it is time to search for a replacement set of pipes and to junk your damaged pipe. Even a small perforation in the body of the exhaust can change its characteristics and behavior which ultimately reflects in poor fuel consumption and overall dissatisfaction. So you know the condition of your present pipe and what needs to be done.

      I would suggest, you try to obtain an original replacement for the Honda XL 185 and then work on fitting it to your bike. Then you will be amazed to find what you have been missing all along.

    4. Bob A says:

      Yes it will hurt your bike .It’ll burn the valves out in a very short time.Go to a muffler shop and someone there will bend you a new exhaust pipe.I’ve done this lots of times for old dirt bikes and it’s cheaper than getting a new one from a dealer.

    5. J says:

      NO! This will cause many engine problems like, valve overheating, valve seat burning, lean burn down, just to name a few. Leave the exhaust on unless, you want to destroy your machine.

    6. ddrum says:

      Yep, it will toast the valves like the others said.