Can Anyone Help Describe What These Car Parts Do To Your Car And How They Help

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Hey guys could you describe to me what each one of these upgrades does and how they improve your cars performance and what the purpose of them is thanks!

Upgrades Include:
MTI 427 Cubic Inch Stroker Engine MTI Stage III Ported &
Polished Cylinder Heads MTI R1 Camshaft FAST 90mm
Intake Manifold & 90mm Billet Throttle Body MTI High Flow Air Induction 85mm Mass Air Flow Sensor Mid Length Headers Custom 3″ Y-Pipe with High Flow Catalytic Converters SLP Dual/Dual Stainless Cat-back Exhaust System 3.5″ Cut-Out CCW 18″ Front & 18″ Rear Wheels NEW! Potenza Tires 275/30-18 Fronts & 295/35-18 Rears Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs Bilstein High Performance Shocks Box Tube Lower Control Arms Hotchkis Subframe Connectors Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter Shift Light on Steering Column

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    1. Gary D says:

      With these upgrades on a 427 engine, you must own a gas station, or walk to work. You’ll need a bicycle with a sticker that says my other car is fast!!

      These parts are all performance enhancers usually limited to muscle or race cars.

      If you have to ask what they are……you don’t need them.

    2. William F. D says:

      Go to the library and get a book on Hot Rodding and read it.

    3. Charger72 says:

      Dont bother with all that other crap. Anything with a 427 is sweet. Especially a fuel injected one. Just look at the shelby cobra. even though it was not fuel injected, it was the fastest 0-100-0 car ever built.

      Really every thing else looks like a monsterous boost to horsepower, and a big help to handling. What are you putting them on?

    4. Dave says:

      Stroker Engine – more displacement. The general rule is, the larger the engine, the more power it makes.

      Ported/polished cylinder heads – porting is done often by increasing the size of the ports, and cleaning up areas that can interfere with airflow, larger ports with less blockage means you get more efficient air/fuel into the engine. Polishing is just fine tuning of this procedure.

      Larger camshaft will open the valves further, and will change the “overlap” for the scavenging effect, allowing the cylinders to get a bigger, cleaner charge of air/fuel into the combustion chamber making the engine more efficient for creating power.

      Larger throttle body will flow more air, more air = more power. The fact that it’s billet doesn’t mean a whole lot, other than the craftsmanship is of a higher-quality.

      High-Flow mas air meter will be less of a restriction in the air intake system, again, more air = more power.

      Headers, mid-length are good for all around general performance. These headers will increase torque all around the RPM range, they do this by using the pulses of the engines own exhaust to help create a vacuum at the exhaust valve, to increase the scavenging effect to clear out the cylinder more efficiently.

      High-Flow catalytic converters allow you to keep up with street-legal emissions, while at the same time preventing a restriction in the exhaust system. The more air/exhaust you can get out of the engine, the more you can get back into it, which = more power

      Stainless exhaust is good because this will prevent the parts from rusting prematurely. As the engine runs, moisture will collect in the exhaust. 3.5″ is very big in terms of exhaust on a naturally aspirated engine..

      The wheels/tires are all preference. Those can be argued about till you’re blue in the face.

      Lowering springs will make the vehicle lower to the ground

      Subframe connectors will connect the front to the rear, this will be felt in cornering, and weight transfer to the rear wheels during hard acceleration. It’s also safer in accidents.

      Lower Control Arms will improve traction at the rear wheels, and help prevent wheel hop. Brand names are a bit of personal preference.

      The bilstein shocks are a firmer ride, offering better traction, and weight transfer during cornering, and acceleration.

      The Pro-5.0 shifter is one of the most fun items I’ve put into my car – it give you better “feel” of the shifting quality.

      the shift-light is there to tell you when you’ve hit redline (or if properly tuned on a dyno, at the best point of torque/horsepower, so you can stay in your power curve most efficiently.

      With all these parts, you should ask about getting a high performance clutch as I don’t see one listed in there at all.