Can Any1 Tell Me How To Fix A Frozen Engine

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I changed out the rod bearings cuz my engine was knocking real loud. Now i cant start it or even turn the crankshaft with a torque wrench! it’s froze up. How would i fix it and what new parts should i get? Or should i just save up money and buy a used engine from a wrecking yard?

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    1. robert s says:

      take it back apart. obviously u did something wrong. if u can put in new rod bearings, u can fix it. spend a couple of days on it. if no luck, hit the yards. check out ^( for junk yards.

    2. gdwrnch40 says:

      Your cam timing is off or you did not size the bearings properly.

    3. vinnie007 says:

      take it apart again and see what happens..check the battery too

    4. Mr. KnowItAll says:

      Wrong crank bearings?
      Did you micro-gage them, and/or pre lube them?
      Maybe you put them in wrong.

    5. don f says:

      you might have to tare it back apart and see if there is some thing that blocking a piston or you tightened the bolts to tit

    6. potboi2001 says:

      sounds like you didnt put the bearings in right. i am taking it you didnt take the engine out and did it in the car by taking the oil pan off. as long as you didnt take anything eles apart and only messed with the rod bearings this is where the problem is. it sounds like you have a rod that “egg shaped” from the bearing being bad. this is very common and without measuring the clearances before putting in new bearings this will cause this exact problem. if it is possible i would fix the engine you have as you know the problems it has. with junk yard engine you never know what you are going to get and it may have the same problems yours has. depending on the parts and work needed you could rebuild the entire engine for the cost it would be to get a junkyard part. i would yank it ot and take it to the machine shop and have them check it over and tell you what it needs. if it is cheaper or not too much more to rebuild it do this. if they tell you it will be more then you want to pay get a junkyard engine. i would try to rebuild first though

    7. lovescamaros28 says:

      Chances are you installed a connecting rod cap backwards.Installing a connecting rod cap backwards will
      cause and engine not to turnover due to the crankshaft binding.Rod caps have tangs that you need to pay attention to make sure you install them in the right direction.Check your lower end once again,chances are that is where your culprit is.Once you find the culprit,before you assemble the engine make sure you check the bearing oil clearances with plastiguage also.

    8. gearnofear says:

      When the engine froze up was it running? If not then you likely have the bearings installed incorrectly. If you took the timing belt/chain apart you may be off on the valve timing double check that, you could also have too much end play. You may not have put the pistion in the correct position when you put the whole thing back together. Tear back in too it and double check everything. I would go back over the bearings and make sure they where not installed backwards. It does happen. Good luck.

    9. Grandpa says:

      Mike, when you replace the bearings you need to inspect the crankshaft itself for damage. Fist visually for roughness and if you can get your hands on one with a micrometer for wear and roundness, If you find one journal on the crankshaft is rough you are wasting time and money just installing bearings. You would either have to remove the crankshaft and have it machined or get another.
      Its very important also to get the bearing caps on is the same order that they came off and going in the right direction plus well lubricated. Good luck my friend… Buying a junkyard engine is always risky unless you know the history of it.
      …Grandpa Good wrench