Boat Experts~Seastar Teleflex Hydraulic Steering… Help Purchasing Please

I have a 20′ Shamrock with a 351 Ford inboard engine (Cleveland i think) I’m asking for opinions as to which helm would work best for me. The only part I have is a Teleflex – BA150-7ATM cylinder… no rudder / helm / prop yet.
Ive heard that both the engine & cylinder may be a bit overpower for this boat & read that certain helms or cylinders will make the boat turn with fewer or more turns of the wheel… lock to lock (did some homework). Lower helm displacement – easier to steer but more wheel turns RIGHT? as you increase helm displacement you increase steering effort.
Generally for my size boat 1.7 Helm is the one… but would a smaller or larger make a significant difference because of my engine/Cyli size or am I TOTALLY overthinking this???

Which Helm would you go with & why? Type/name Rudder & prop if you know?

I dont want to mess this up & my head is VERY near exploding 8{ Ive hardly ever even been ON a boat! help… help… help…

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