97 Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T, 420a Engine Where Is The Crankshaft Pulley

I am trying to check if my engine is seized (battery’s already dead so I can’t just start it up) and I want to manually hand turn the crank. So, I’m looking under the hood and I don’t see anything that looks like what my boyfriend told me to look for. What I did see was a black cover on the left side of the engine with a bolt on it. I tried to take it off, but I didn’t have the right tools. When I pulled part of it back, it looked like sprockets. Anyway, is the pulley under there, too? Or is it located where it is obvious and accessible, and I just missed it?? I’m not big on cars, and I’m too impatient for my boyfriend to come over (he will likely tell me to just junk it instead of trying to get it fixed, which I don’t want to hear!), so anything you can tell me would be a huge help! Maybe take a picture of your eclipse and photoshop an arrow pointing to the crankshaft? Pretty please. 🙂 thanks!

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