1998 Honda Civic Check Engine Errors 4 P0300 P0303 P0304 P1399

Honda Civic EX Coupe (2 door) 1.6 Liter – 156,000 miles, Automatic. (I believe DOHC)

My Honda Civic is having a check engine problem.


Had accident 3 weeks ago, a minor accident, body damage did not exceed damaging the chassis, and as far as I know it’s fine.

The situation:

4 days ago:
I turn on my car, go down the road, then stop to read my gps for a second.

I noticed rumbling that I thought at the time was the gas running out, and the *oh crap* factor set in. I noticed that my gas light was not on, but I drove to a gas station to fill it half way anyways. I filled it half way, turned it back on, and the stuttering was still happening on acceleration. I figured that since I put gas in from a blue gas can that was sitting outside for a few days, maybe it had water in it, so I put some water stabilizer/evaporating liquid stuff in my tank. I drive around for a few minutes in this parking lot, and still, same stuttering problem. I parked it, and tried revving it a little. I noticed that any revving past 2,000 rpm’s was a smooth acceleration, but even so, if I pushed slightly harder on the gas, it would be bad stuttering all the way. I can drive my car, It is drivable, but I need to drive it with caution or it will stutter. It will accelerate like normal if it is gradual. There isn’t any stuttering if it’s gradual, but if I press any harder than that, it stutters. So, I drove it back home after I got gas and test running it, checking the connections, any fumes, oil, coolant.. It was all good there.

I figure later that day to go and get some fuel injector cleaner, but using my other car to get there. I put some injector cleaner in, drive it around to see if it would change its performance at all, and guess what happens after a half mile: Check Engine is blinking on and off. It blinks for a good 5 minutes or so, then it turns to a solid check engine light.

I bought myself a Check Engine Light checking gadget, and it read 4 errors (Forgot order in which it specified) :

P0303 – Cylinder 3 Misfire
P0304 – Cylinder 4 Misfire
P0300 – Random Multiple Misfire detected
P1399 – Misfire in any Cylinder

From research online looking at forums, questions and answer sites, and from general mechanics thoughts out there, I am hearing that the problem could be some of the following:

Distributor Cap
Spark plug wires
Spark plugs
Timing belt
Water in fuel

I can’t find any possible answers from the sources, so I’m here.

Well anyways, I checked my spark plugs. They seem fine. There is black on the tops of some of them, but they look pretty clean. I put them in myself about a year ago. They are Double Platinum’s. They are still gapped at .44. They are in there firm also. The spark plug wires are also brand new.

So just so you know, I stopped driving it so there wouldn’t be any more problems caused by continuing to drive it. It’s parked. It won’t go anywhere unless it’s towed to a garage to get a diagnostic in a day or so.

I’ll say that I didn’t see any weird gradual decreases in performance from the start of the problem like I’ve heard of online. It just started stuttering out of nowhere, and it will probably continue to run the same way. This car has had ZERO problems I swear. 36 miles per gallon guys. Great car.

Not that it matters, but I did try putting in a K&N filter I tried out a few months ago, a day or so before the stuttering happened. Also there was a blinking light out that I changed out.

No, I do not know if it’s timing belt has been replaced or not. I am guessing no. Otherwise, it is a very good car. No problems till now, and yeah 1 week after a rear collision I had.

No I have not checked the timing, No I do not have any Catalytic converter errors, No I have not checked the Distributor cap. The tips of the spark plugs are white. They do not look overheated. They were not drenched with gas or any other liquid. They had black soot on top, but most of them were clean.


Spark plug wires and Fuel Injector cleanse. DO NOT GET FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER. Mechanics have a machine that shoots a chemical into the engine through a tube that bypasses the air flow intake area, and gets directly to the valves and cleans them.

There is this thing that has been done for many many many years and it is similar to using the machine and chemical. Usually people that know cars better than most will open up that tube, turn the engine on and leave it revving at 3,000 RPM’s, and literally shoot regular old water into the tube so it “Steam Cleans” the inside of the engine and it’s valves, removing gunk and crap stuck in there.

So, if you have this very very exact same problem with your car, don’t hold your breath, change out all 4 of your spark plugs first, then get your engine

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