1993 Buick Regal, While Driving Will Cut Out & Shut Off, Any Ideas

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The car is a 1993 Buick Regal, 3.1 motor multi port V/6. It will start and run fine while it is sitting, it will run fine while you are driving. After about one and a half to two miles of driving it will hesitate or cut out and it will shut off. Try to start it an it will not firer just turns over, but every thing else will work. Wait 3 or 4 minutes and it will start.
New parts = plugs & wires = alternator = idle air control = crankshaft sensor = module that is behind the three coils. Was hooked on to the big test machine and showed no codes or problems with any systems, and is showing no codes now.
If you guys could fined anything out I would really appreciate it.

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    1. crewdog60 says:

      You have a vacuum leak. When the car is cold, the choke is on and most vacuum switches are closed. After the car warms up, the choke and the switches start opening up and it is sucking air in from a cracked vacuum line or fitting. Best bet is have a garage locate it, or you can take a few hours and trace all your vacuum routing and try to find it yourself.

    2. Lewis A says:

      yeah it’s probably because it’s 14 years old, and is ready to be put down

    3. BLAIR C says:

      Get it fixed by a reputable mechanic.

    4. DazyDog says:

      I’m no mechanic, but my 1990 Camaro did the same thing & it was a computer chip. Had it replaced & all seemed fine with that problem. But the car had a lot of other problems too. Happy Tuning :o)

    5. purple_puma says:

      you may have water in your gas let you gas run out buy more at a different plase and put in some stp gas treatment

    6. Rudedude says:

      Find the computer (sorry I can not recall where it is on your car) Start the engine and gently tap the computer with your hand. Then flex the computer with your hands.Kind of like trying to rip a book in half just not as hard. If the car cuts out while doing this you need a computer. If not I would still be suspect of the ign. module one one you had tested. They can be a bear to find the trouble with. Good luck hope I helped.
      G.M. Tech for 20 years

    7. Johnny LAWES says:

      Check your fuel system – if the gas tank is rusting or has debris in it you may have picked up something on the filter that when the car is running traps it on the filter & when the fuel pump is turned off with the car off lets the material drop off of the filter so that later the car will start up again.

    8. David M says:

      Ah ha, just worked on one of these critters last week, same problem, seems the “chip or prom” inside computer(ecm) was loose and had problems making good contact. Simply locate computer on passenger side inner fender and remove cover plate on back, which covers the prom or chip and see if it is loose. If it is simply grasp it by the ends and pull up, these also, have a clip on each side that holds it secure. Simply inspect the pins and re-install the prom making sure it is aligned properly, then snapping it in place. It should lock securely and you will have the problem corrected. The last step is to clear the computer if engine stays on after repairs. This is done by removing the (-) negative/black cable from the battery for about (10)ten minutes and re-installing it after you have cleaned the corrosion. GOOD LUCK.

    9. Jeremy B says:

      I would suspect the vehicle control module has a problem, its not uncommon on that era 3.1. You could hook a timing light up after it cuts out to double check that you have no fire to the plugs

      If nothing else, take a look at http://www.automotiveforums.com ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.automotiveforums.com)

    10. awb7nqr9t says:

      Could be the fuel pump. This happened to me with my 2000 Buick Regal a couple of times. I was able to restart the first couple of times. On the third time it was dead and the fuel pump had to be replaced.