Wiring Diagram For Ignition System For A Ford Tractor

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A friend of mine decided to put a 12 volt ignition system on his 1958 Ford 601 tractor. The original was a 6 volt. He says that it will not start now, I did not get a real good look at it . I am looking for a ignition system wiring diagram for this tractor to help him out, thankyou. It is a 4 cylinder inline, spark ignited.

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    1. Racer123 says:

      I know of Ford 8,9 ‘n’s of those late ’50’s. Some came with ‘front’ style point and condesor mounts while others came with common type ‘distributor’ appendages. In either case the ‘points’ care little about the voltage supplied to them. The ‘condesor’ must be a common 12v type. The ‘coil’ must be a common 12v type. The right idea is to supply the coil + with full battery voltage while the engine is in crank mode. The coil + connection is clearly marked . The coil – mark goes to the point isolated connection that is in tandom with the condensor wire. What is very relevant is that the coil + connection has an additional ‘feed’ that is cut down to 9v in the run mode. This ‘run’ lead’ is in tandom to the ‘start’ lead but seperate from the solenoid ‘small’ posts. You get 9v through a ‘resistor’ or calculated diameter high heat tolerant wire. A dual post ford style solenoid designed for dual voltage ignition is a simple appliance to sleuth for intended operation. Clean those point contacts with virgin paper draged through them properly. Printer paper is good and double or triple the thickness. Allways drag the virgin part across till no stains can be assessed.