Why Does My Car Stall When It Rains Out

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I have a 1987 corolla (yeah its old but it’s a solid car) that only stalls or has a hard time starting when it’s raining out. it will stall at stop signs unless i have my foot on the gas, then it wont. I just changed spark plugs and wires so we’ll see. Could it be distributor cap?

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    1. J says:

      Yeah you might be right.

    2. Mutt says:

      More thank likely all the moisture in the air is messing with your spark get a new cap.

    3. curley says:

      the distributor cap theory can easily be tested by starting the car on a sunny day or day not raining and going under the hood with a spray bottle and spraying a little on the cap and wires good caps and wires should be able to get a little wet with out stalling the car.

    4. Old Man Dirt says:

      Do me a favor and see if there is an external resistor for the coil on this car. If so check it for debris and maybe do something to keep it dryer. My Corolla (different year) gave me fits on this every year when it rained, and I didn’t figure it out for years.

    5. Chris says:

      Pop the hood at night when it’s running poorly and see where the sparks are jumping from. Could be the coil wire coming from the center of the dist. cap. New one could be bad.

    6. William W says:

      Old high mileage cars have low engine compression due to worn piston rings & cylinder walls. Low compression causes the engine to become more sensitive to a proper fuel / air ratio. In the high humidity of a rain storm, the engine sees a leaner than normal fuel / air mixture which it doesn’t like. Since the engine acts like the mixture is too lean, it can object by stalling at idle.

    7. bandit_60 says:

      probably water is flying up on the ignition. yes it could be the cap drawing damp from the rain.