Why Does My 1993 Ford Explorer’s Heat/ Air Not Blow At All

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I can turn the controls on to what used to have worked fine, but then one day I get in to turn on the heater and nothing at all happens. (Same problem with the air) I’m not sure if it is a relay switch, blower motor or what. Can somebody help me, because it sure is a cold drive anywhere I go now. And YES, I do have the vehicle properly started.
The fuse under the dash is fine. I wish it were that simple though!

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    1. neil j says:

      have you tried the underdash fuse

    2. poobalan P says:

      i have no idea but you may watch more solution here
      http://www.autopilotmachine.com/Ford-Explorer's-heat ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.autopilotmachine.com/Ford-Explorer's-heat)


    3. [email protected] says:

      it dont matter how you got it started but it realy souds like the motor went out but it could be a fuse this winter a lot of blower moters is going out

    4. jon says:

      Well, I don’t know if they both run off the same motor, but if you said it’s not even blowing air, than it has to be your air conditioner motor.

    5. Theodore M says:

      Check the wire connection on the firewall to the heater fan(passenger side under the hood) your heater fan will be the round thing (around 8-10″ circumference) near the top with a wire going to it. Use a test light to see if you have power at the connection. If you do, bad motor, if not the heater control section of the dash just pulls out, possibly a couple screws, see if you have good connections, no burns, power there with test light. Also look under the hood (it’ll be listed in owners manual and should have a fuse diagram on the backside of the lid that will tell if you have another fuse or relay for it there too. Also to be sure, look at a fuse from the top side where the plastic is and you’ll see the metal, you can just ground the test light to a screw and touch each side of the fuse(s) while in the fuse block to be sure you have power from the fuse block and through the fuse. You can pick up a cheap test light for as little as a couple dollars at the auto parts store. Good Luck