Why Are My Spark Plugs Coming Out With Oil On Them

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Im doing a tun up on my 1996 Honda Accord but the spark plugs are coming out with oil on them .What could it be and is it a major problem ?? The car has been running cool it hasnt gave me any real problems.

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    1. abraham f says:

      Most likely its a bad spark plug/ valve cover gasket, or you need a new engine buddy (bad oil rings)

    2. Thecrazyone1 says:

      I had the same problem when I tuned my valves.

      Either the valve cover gasket went bad, or the valve cover isn’t on tight enough. It could also be that you overfilled oil in the car and the pressure made it leak past the valve cover gasket.

    3. TH242 says:

      Sorry to tell you but oil on a spark plug means the engine is on its way out. You can hope its just leaking past the valves, or a blown head gasket because that wont be very expensive. But if your piston rings are going out that’s pretty much a new engine.

    4. Doc says:

      There are tube seals in the valve cover that should prevent that from happening. Replace the valve cover gasket, which should come with those tube seals. Not a major problem though, very common in fact.

    5. Bubba B says:

      Pistons rings are worn out. Time to get it rebuilt.

    6. Wesley S says:

      you have a valve cover leak

    7. Mark says:

      No its not major.

      No, its not major. Just change your valve cover gasket. it should come with the rings for the spark plugs(ask). Easy fix.

    8. toolman says:

      if the oil is on the threads of the spark plugs when you take them out then you probably have a leaking valve cover gasket. check the torque on the valve cover bolts. chances are you’ll find one or more loose. don’t over torque these bolts! they are usually very long and small in diameter. if all the bolts are tight then you need to replace the gasket.

    9. mark h says:

      Very common with late 90’s ,model accords.There are spark plug seals that sit in between the valve cover.Remove the valve cover, replace the valve cover gasket, it might be brittle so it would be best to replace.And you will see the spark plug seals in place of each cylinder.Not exactly sure on the year for your vehicle,might start at “97 but honda has an extended emissions warranty up to 150,000 miles that would replace plugs,wires,distributor cap,rotary button for free. You would just be charged for the spark plug seals and the valve cover gasket/labor,If you chose to have that service done.You can always call a local dealer to see if you are eligible for that warranty.
      Either way you will notice a big difference in how your car runs afterwards it will no be as hesitant while idling.

    10. bandit_60 says:

      if it,s just on the threads then you have a valve pan leaking but if it,s on the firing tip you either have bad valve seals or rings.

    11. [email protected] says:

      Where on the plug is the oil ? If it is around the spark plug wire , a leak somewhere . If around electrode of the plug , more than likely the rings . Could accidentally be PCV system . If that is stopped up on a Honda , will make it suck oil .

    12. bill says:

      bad rings however you do not need a new engine you do need is to replace them and have you engine rebuilt

      this test will tell you about your rings
      http://www.tellmemark.com/how-to-test-piston-rings/ ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.tellmemark.com/how-to-test-piston-rings/)