Where Is The Barometric Pressure Sensor Located On A 1994 Ford Explorer

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Where is the barometric pressure sensor located on a 1994 Ford Explorer?

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    1. jareihart says:

      there is a manifold absolute pressure switch which measures the barametric pressure inside the manifold but the engine and computer could care less what the outside barimetric pressure is…now outside temperture is sensed at the air cleaner and the computer adjustes the settings accordingly.

    2. gearbox1 says:

      depends but the other poster is wrong…..

      Ford uses the Baro sensor to determine the altitude the car is at and on some uses a MAP sensor that should be on top the a/c case (usually it was the first explorers with them there) to since that when you started and measured vaccum in the motor the rest of the time.

      Ford moved away from that but still measures it in the MAF or Mass Air Flow sensor located in the tubing from the air cleaner to the intake hose (that big aluminum and black thing on the air filter box)… does the same thing about determing altitude… but instead of direct measure , calculates it .. if the sensor wires mess up, you get mainly cars with rich codes etc….