Where Are The Spark Plugs Located On A Chevy Hhr Motor

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I want to put in some E3 spark plugs with Diamond FIRE technology into my Chevy hhr 2.4 liter. I don’t know where they are located. Can someone tell me where and how to replace the spark plugs with what I have.

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    1. Jin L says:

      If you don’t know where they are by popping the hood and simply taking a peek, then you CERTAINLY should not even consider doing the work yourself.

    2. Cheri A says:

      They’re all pretty much in the same place:

      Locate the spark plugs. If you follow those thick, rubbery wires under the hood, you’ll find the spark plugs (one at the end of each wire.) If you have a 4-cylinder engine, your four spark plugs will be at the top of the engine in a row in front of you. If you have a V8, you’ll have to reach down on both sides of the engine to get them out, four on the left and four on the right. If you have a 6-cylinder engine, they could go either way, but if you follow the wires you’ll find the plugs.
      You’re about to reach for those spark plug wires and pull them all out at once, aren’t you? Don’t do it! Your spark plugs fire in a specific order, and it’s a heck of a lot easier to replace them one at a time without getting them mixed up.

      Starting at the end of the row, pull the wire off the end of the spark plug by grasping it as close to the engine as possible then pulling. You might have to give it a little wiggle to get it off. If you have a 4-cylinder engine with the plug wires going into the top, your plugs might be at the bottom of a hole (if you have a dual over head cam top end configuration). If this is the case, just pull straight up and you’ll pull a long rubber boot out of the hole.

    3. Kevin M says:

      your spark plugs should be under coils on top of valve cover,straight down on top of engine,i dont belive you have spark plug wires

    4. Marco says:

      I own an HHR and you have to take off the plastic piece that is on top of the engine and then You will see the wires. Unlike the other ppl that said that ” if you cant see the spark plugs you certainly should not work on the car” they are wrong because for instance the battery for that car is in the back of the car beside where the spare tire is held!