When To Change Spark Plugs In My Pt Cruiser

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When do I need to change the spark plugs in my 2008 Pt Cruiser. It has 29k miles.
and when is a good time to change the belt?
yea I have the basic warranty 36k miles, and have a Ford service contract warranty for up to 100k.

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    1. Frankie says:

      You should consult your owners manual. Most newer vehicle suggest a tune up at 100,000 miles. I wouldn’t wait that long if it were mine. I would replace the spark plugs around 60,000 miles. The timing belts are usually around the 100,000 mile mark.

    2. Hyundai Service says:

      We used to say, as an industry, change them every such and such mileage but the truth is that spark plugs have come worlds ahead of what was available when these intervals were conceived. More often than not you only need to change them every 100k unless something else has happened in your secondary ignition system causing one or all to foul. Just remember that when you do change them to go ahead and change the plug wires too, as they age you’ll notice a whitish dust on them, this is known as electromagnetic interference or simply the aged wire is losing power throught it’s cover and it attracts dust. Plugs and wires on you vehicle shouldn’t cost more than about $60 if you do it yourself. Hope this helps.

    3. Timbo is here says:

      This will all be detailed in the owners service manual. The bit the garage stamps when you get it serviced – presuming that you do.

    4. kelly_f_1999 says:

      29,000 no need yet
      spark plugs might be good 100,000 miles
      its when you notice a different in mileage or how your car is running
      thats when you need a tune up

      belts and hoses good for 3 to 5 yrs
      you feel them to check look at them to see

      type into search box

      how to check belts
      how to check hoses

      read your owners manual


      how to maintain a car
      when to do car maintenance

      you should be good to go but do
      ask a shop to check it all out
      next oil change a good time to have car check
      tire rotated
      brakes looked at
      to know its needs and when it needs

      dont say you need it replace

      just ask to have it check
      might be getting close to a tune up
      you dont fix whats not broken
      any shop you choose you ask them to check first
      many shops check it all every time some dont
      and just look after what you say i needs thinking you know
      have it check when you do oil changes better you keep up with this car maintenance
      cheaper it is to maintain it know what your cars need are you need to learn that part that what keeps it running and saves you a walk in the rain

      learn your car needs
      and whens save you money and helps stop from being taking

    5. bandit_60 says:

      you still have a good while to wait before changing the plugs and belt. i,am supposing your talking about the timing belt. you still should have a waranty on that car.

    6. Joe Ferrero says:

      i agree with frankie, but i believe the owners manual for a pt cruiser suggests 70,000 or 75,000 miles for the belt. the owners manual says it all!