Whats Wrong With My 1978 Chevy Nova V6 4.1 It Will Not Start

I replaced distributor, installed new plugs and wires, I get spark plug and carb fuel – the car would not start then backfired It was a cold start, I then replaced pick up coil, ignition module, cap, red, plugs and wires. I selected dealer when I removed it and then back into position. I have not checked timing, but it’s always fire from Dist. to plug. – The car ran the day before I start the next morning, it went to warm it up by going back into the carburetor and then it would not start. How would increase the timing? I have no changes to that part of the Dist. before the show. What is the easiest way to get the # 1 cylinder top, engine in the car? – Ignition sequence is 153 624, timing is 6 degrees.

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