Whats The Difference Between Performance Ignition Coils And Regular Ignition Coils

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Hey guys, i need to find replacement ignition parts for my 3000gt vr4, and i was looking at these coils. Does the performance parts really make a difference? is it worth getting them? what actually changes will i see? Is it better to get performance parts then regular parts?
Also, are performance coils more reliable? im more interested in that. I have a stock engine fyi.

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    1. BEA says:

      Performance ignition coils may have heavier gauge wiring, better vibration resistance, and probably a higher turns ratio. higher voltage spark or longer spark duration and intensity.

      Upgrades to the ignition system will not give you any noticeable increase in power by itself.

      If you’ve done something to increase the compression of the engine it becomes necessary, but on a stock engine reliablility should be your only concern.

    2. Mark says:

      Stop making me answer questions that compromise my job. They may produce a higher voltage however, you would not notice a difference in horse power.

    3. lagarbo89fxrs says:

      The difference between the two is hotter spark, and its doubtful if you’ll notice a difference. You will however notice a difference depending on what type of high perf. parts you put on. The cheapest way to get more performance on your particular car would be adding a high performance intake and exhaust system. However some cars can be chipped, supercharged, turbo charged, and nitrous charged. Before you do any of these modifications be sure to check your states emission control regulations. Cause alot of modifications aren’t legal..good luck