What Steps Should I Take Before Starting An Old Car That Has Been Sitting For Anywhere From 512 Years

I might be getting my hands on a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Liter (428 CID)

I think it has been sitting for around 5-12 years. I’m not exactly sure.

What I can tell you that is I’m pretty sure it has been parked over concrete and now gravel. So the morning dew on grass hasn’t had a big moisture effect on the under carriage. So that’s good.

Now It’s been confirmed with me already that the gas tank needs work, or needs to be replaced.

I’ll tell you what things I know are new:

Distributor cap
Spark Plug Wires
Tires (good condition, decent tread)

The body is really in very acceptable condition, its Dark Blue, a bit faded, but extremely minimal rust. There is one dent on the passenger side above the front wheel.

Now here is where I need help, what are other things that I should just straight up replace, and what are things that I should check?

Also, can anyone confirm if Ford Galaxie’s uni body frames rust out on the rear end? I heard this rumor and I wasn’t sure if its true.

Thanks for any input!

I’ll provide extra details when ever I can~
Also, where should I look for parts for this?

I haven’t ever gotten parts for anything older than an 87 Olds Delta 88

Answers for The Question

  1. Otis
  2. Logic316 ~good Guys Wear Black?
  3. Wrench161