What Should The Oil Pressure Be On A Big Block 454 Chevrolet And Operating Temperature

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When Im on the gas the oil pressure stays at around 65-70, when its at idle and the engine is warmed up it drops down and hovers around 40. Is this where it should be? If not what is the cause and what can I do to fix this.

My engine likes to stay at around 165-170F, but when its hot out it goes up to about 190F. What should the operating temperature be? And at what point is it too hot? Ive always heard bigblocks do not like the heat so Im concerned. Thanks for the help!

I have a 454 with aluminum Dart heads, hydr. roller camshaft, roller rockers, .030 over and some other things. 4 core radiator and electric fans, MSD Ignition.

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    1. chevyraceman_383 says:

      oil pressure is great. Anything above 20 psi at hot idle is great. Bare min is 10 psi per 1,000 rpm

      So 8-10 psi at idle is bare min.

      190-195* is perfect opt. temp. Most power is made that that heat range. Most gear heads wants lower for some reason though and I never understood that. I tell my customers to keep it in the 180-200* range and they will be just fine

    2. Samboski says:

      Everything sounds great. If anything, you have too much oil pressure as it takes hp to turn the pump. The engine sounds like it is running a little cool but just on the borderline too cool. If it warms up in 5 minutes of driving I would say it is great with good compression. It is hard to say much more not knowing your bearing clearances, lifter brand or oil viscosity. But it sounds pretty good overall.