What Is The Difference With A Timing Belt And Timing Chain

Can you adjust a timing chain on an 2000 altima. if your timing is off and you have a chain how do you fix it. if you get it fixed, is it likely to go off again.my mechanic messed with the distributor cap and said he adjusted it. does this sound right? spark plugs had some oil like substance on the white part of them.is that bad? i just bought this car two weeks ago. it ran great then now it sounds like an old piece of junk . someone please help.
well i would like to add some of the problems that im having, it is making a muffled air sound and is running very rough.i have to give it gas so it doesnt die out.when on the highway the rpms jump up and down and it feels like a loss of power.or a little jerk.and at stop sign it dies.the check engine light has not came on.

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