What Happens When You Hook Up The Plugs Wrong On Your Distributor Cap

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I know it causes misfiring, but it does a lot of damage to the engine? How do I find the right way to connect to the plugs?

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    1. hnda8r says:

      To find out where the plugs go, please go buy a Haynes or Chiltons manual. It will tell you everything about your car or truck. And also helpfull tips. But if you dont have the plugs right, the car will just continue to crank and not start. IDK if it will cause any damage tho, probably not.

    2. Cettoman says:

      It all depends upon how close you are to having them right. If it does anything at all, the most it will do is backfire, but it won’t run.

    3. texaswildman says:

      buy a book.

    4. pedal2themetal45 says:

      it can cause damage if one of the plugs were to fire while the piston was still coming up for the compression stroke, bend rods, break a piston.
      Also back fire through the intake and the exhaust and not starting.
      good luck

    5. wicked_a_d_8 says:

      it will definitely damage your engine by robbing it from power, causing it to run at a hotter temperature, and even possibly warping valve stems, the head, tie rods, and piston heads, not to mention excessive heat in your exhaust system. i once tried to run my car for 2 minutes while missfiring just to see what happened and before i knew it, the exhaust pipe was literally glowing hot. haynes manuals usually come with a diagram for this. they can usually be found at your local auto parts store or you can print out do-it-yourself repair guides with illustrations at the website listed below. good luck and be safe with this.

    6. bandit_60 says:

      it will start hard, misfire and the engine will jump around. to find out you will need the firing order for your engine.