What Happens If You Don’t Get The Correct Firing Order Sequence When Replacing A Distributor

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If I start the vehicle and the wire arent in the right order will it cause the timing belt to jump in any way or will it just not want to start ?

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    1. Mark W says:

      it just wont start

    2. Stephen Dizzle says:

      It’s because you have no punctuation and the car is very angry at you.

    3. Willie S says:

      When you try to start it u will hear the sparks popping and it wont start and kill the plugs and even the coil if u continue to try

    4. Mickypoo says:

      You could cause major damage to the camshaft. The sequence makes consecutive pistons aid the rotation of the camshaft. If the pistons fire in the wrong order, one piston will act as a brake on another cylinder rather than assisting it.

    5. Mad Jack says:

      It usually won’t even start. It may backfire through the carburetor or fuel injection throttle body. It may backfire through the exhaust. If it manages to start there will be something very noticeably wrong. The engine will run very poorly and will not rev up. A V8 may start. It is unlikely a V6 will start. An in-line 4 cylinder usually won’t start.

      The engine will not fire in the incorrect order as others have suggested. It may fire late or early. But the ignition is usually so far off on the cylinders that are incorrectly wired that they won’t fire at all.

      It is unlikely that any mechanical damage would occur

    6. Angel says:

      Your car will not start and you could damage the plugs or even the ignition coil or distributor will burn out. I recommend to stop trying to start the car until you get the correct sequence.

    7. Roadrunnermike says:

      No, It will start and backfire and jerk around if it starts.

    8. HillClimber says:

      “What happens?” Well, bad stuff.

      Next question. Where can I get the correct sequence and draw it on a piece of paper and then come home and do that and check it again before I try starting the car?

      Answer: Auto parts store guy.

    9. Jared says:

      If you Know the firing order, get the #1 piston on top dead center on the compression stroke,1 st remove coil wire, take #1 plug out turn engine over until intake valve closes or you can use a compression tester instead of your finger ,is easier with valve cover off then you can watch valves close once you know piston is ready to fire on top dead center reinstall distributor with rotor facing the spark plug terminal in cap for the #1 piston, that should be enough to get you started. I have done this many times. But don’t be cranking around on a motor until you are sure of correct firing order, may not hurt it but I’m sure it doesn’t help either.

    10. Curious George says:

      well the first thing that happens is when you go to fire it over your gonna hear some back firing. if carbuerated your maybe even gonna see some flames shoot from the carb ( nice show!) and yes you can cause mechanical damage if firing order is not right. if fuel injected and it back fires you can blow out your MAF, MAP, amongst other things. ive never seen one backfired that made the timing belt skip. nor have i ever seen one mistimed that wouldnt start. i suppose theres no need to tell you to double check your work. its easy to get this project wrong, but through dilegence you can figure it out. its not at all rocket science.