What Happen If The Distributor Cap Is Bad

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What happen if the distributor cap is bad?

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    1. John C says:

      Bad sparks, slow sparks, no sparks, therefore less horsepower, less efficiency, less gas milage and pretty much lack of performance. If the cap is really in terrible condition, such as a worn rotor, the car just simple wont move due to no spark.

    2. lil'oleJewler says:

      Your car won’t start. The spark shorts across the cap. Sometimes just cleaning the cap real well and replacing it will fix the problem.

    3. edselmanll says:

      a bad cap or rotor and it wont run :(

    4. deborah_shea76 says:

      Mainly, you are causing more damage to your car. get it replaced ASAP

    5. Toby K says:

      your car will not run right you will lose power it will idle rough and sound bad. Some times it will not start.

    6. vincent c says:

      it gets corroded inside or cracked,misfires misses or wont run

    7. Old man wrench says:

      Backfire,misfire,not start,kick back on the starter and possible break starter nose.

    8. dodge man says:

      if you got a bad cap and rotor button it will back fire ,and miss from time to time,it will also be hard to start sometimes,and when it rains it will constantly miss-fire,and sputter ,,it will run but not good at all,but you would just about have to take the cap off of it for it not to start and do something,,but it will make you think a lot of things are wrong with it,i own a repair shop,and do this type work all the time,and a lot of times a cap and rotor button is all it takes to make one run badly,good luck,i hope this help,s.

    9. Jamie louise says:

      fire not getting to plug wire to go tosparkplug to cause gas and air mixture that are compressed to explode there fore the engine willrun on a fue less cylinders loss of power missfire or on fire class time /scrap pick ups clean of the white buildup inside cap and try if not cracked then just replace it and be done .

    10. wabbitstinkie says:

      If distributor cap and rotor are old and have lots of hours on them simply replace them. If you continue with a poor secondary ignition system your fuel cost could be almost four or five dollars a gallon to operate the vehicle. While your at it replace spark-plug wires and plugs if you can afford it. These are all secondary ignition components and they are all related and dependant on each other to make the engine run properly and in time.