What Does An Ignition Control Module Do, And Can I Find A Festiva In Junkyards

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This is the car that says:

“I’m selling my Festiva. Its an ’88. Carbureted. Replaced motor with around 100,000 miles on it. Upgraded to 5 speed manual. Body has around 211,000. Ok shape. Left front fender is banged up. Left tail light is broken. Front 2 tires are new. Rears are ok. I have 2 extra tires on wheels as well. New lower control arms, tie rod ends. Radiator leaks a little bit. Not bad. Has a nice cd player with usb and mp3 jacks.

The ignition module went bad, and while solving that problem I realized that my distributor had a huge crack in it. I had it in the bed of my pickup until I got around to going to the junk yard to match up the part. However someone stole it, my spare tire and broke into my tool box.

So its going to need a distributor, with a good ignition module, a battery and then you have a great running, drivable Festiva. Has lots of great parts. Its not perfect. But not a clunker either. I just don’t need it anymore.”

So far, i see ignition “Control” Modules at $70 and Distributors at $200.. maybe it just needs a Cap?

Input? Advice? Anyone have these parts?


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    1. Live to ride says:

      We told you where to go and find it !!

    2. Motorhead says:

      I had an 88 Festiva, and I do not believe is has any sort of ignition control module. It has a distributor pick up module that can go bad, and mine did. But otherwise the ignition only consisted of a standard ignition coil.
      And there are lots of Festivas in just yards. I always got my parts that way.
      Distributor is easy to replace because it is right on top on the side of the head.

      If you want to get dealer parts, it is sold by Ford and they still carry the parts because the Espire and other cars are actually just new body styles of the same Korean car.
      And you can also get any parts you want from any Korean, Japanese, or Chinese parts importer.
      I picked up a used engine for mine from one of those Japanese engine importers or only $200, and it was great. The only odd thing is the manifold and carb were different, with no air pollution stuff, a manual choke, and the engine came with power steering pump that I obviously did not need.

    3. F--k Paul Grass, All Accts&0bama says:

      It controles power from the engine to the ignition.