What Do You Think Is Wrong With My 1998 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner V6 B/c It Vibrates Heavily When At A Stop

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My 1998 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner V6 is vibrating heavily when it is at a stop but doesn’t do it when it is going so I know it is not the tires or shocks. So what do you think is wrong with it because I took it to three certified mechanics already and they said three different things. The first one, I let him change what he thought it was which were the Spark plugs, all three ignition coils, and ignition wires but it didn’t make a difference. So on the other two I went to, I told them that I will get it checked by another mechanic to confirm the problem. So the truck has a brand new ignition system and yes I used genuine Toyota parts which he ordered from the dealer. The second mechanic said it was the fuel injectors are clogged and has to be changed and the third one said it was the mounting of the engine. So after the first one I didn’t let them change anything because it will cost me a lot of money buying parts that I do not need. Please I need your opinion on what is wrong with my truck. Thanks.

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    1. poolekiteman says:

      does this only happen when the engine is idling?
      what happens when you gold it at 2000rpm – and 3000rpm?
      If it is only at low revs, I would suspect ignition timing.

    2. pure bordom... says:

      its just that the computer is reving too high its an easy fix if you can find a mechanic that has the tools the only reason mechanics say other things is so you pay more

    3. tallntrue56 says:

      It needs to be narrowed down. The shake is from a misfire. If so, the check engine light should light and checking the code will tell you which cylinder is missing. Assuming the tune work and wires/coils are repaired would lead next to injector inspection. If you hold a very long thin screwdriver to the base of each injector and listen with your ear at the handle, each injector should give a real sharp click when it is firing. They have multiple tiny holes to spray for atomization but can be prone to partial plugging, especially if poor quality fuel is used. The good news is they can be removed and professionally cleaned at some of the Dr Injector places and not have to be replaced at 5 times the cost. You need to have a shop more familiar with Toyota look at your truck because like you said, guessing is getting expensive. Good Luck–T&T