What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Or Old Spark Plugs In A ’03 Jeep Wrangler

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I think that my spark plugs are worn out. My Jeep feels like if it loses power in first gear and has unstable idle. What would the spark plugs look like if they are old and I took them out, and what are the symptoms of having old ones?

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    1. Chad says:

      they would have Carbon Built on them It’s white and flaky… If it’s been more then 15k Miles since you had ur plugs changed u need new plugs and wires.. and while your at it get a cap and rotor if your jeep takes it.. Unfamiliar with jeep brand

    2. Ic? ??rns. says:

      The electrode tip will be worn,thus not providing the correct arc for the spark.

    3. soccerpr228 says:

      The old ones will most likely be black with carbon build up and eroded (metal worn away from electrodes). This plug erosion will cause the plug gap to increase, making it harder for your coil to fire or send spark to the plug. This problem will cause a rough idle and hesitation during acceleration.
      Your plug wires may also need to be replaced. If they are too old, voltage can leak through the insulation around the wire and short to ground(the engine or any other metal compenent on the car). This can cause the engine to misfire and will cause a very rough idle and hesitation.

    4. bandit_60 says:

      loss of power, hard starting, missing and rough idling.