What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Distributor Cap

Okay, we have a 1993 Nissan Hard body, manual transmission. It has not been wanting to crank lately, and we have replaced the starter, alternator, battery and battery cables so far. It does seem to work much better now on most days and can at least be driven, but it seems that when we let the truck stall out, it will not crank, and again it does this sometimes when the engine is still hot. Someone told me it could be a bad distributor. Does this sound right?
Hi guys and thanks for all the help! To mention, I am not sure if the truck has had a tune up, but I would imagine so, as the guy that owned it was a mechanic. We have only had the truck for about 6 months or so. I will put it in the shop for a tune up and make sure all has been changed. one other thing, if I take it to Advance Auto and get them to do a complete systems check, would they be able to tell me what is wrong? The mechanic I have been taking it to seems at a loss… so it is time for another mechanic!

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