Were Is The Heater Core Located In A Dodge Neon And Could It Be The Reason That My Car Keeps Over Heating

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I have changed the radiator, thermostat,AC condenser and my fans are running, but every time i turn on my AC or the car is just stopped it starts to over heat. I was told that the heater core cold be clogged if it is can it be fixed? or do i have to buy a new one? if its not the heater core what else can i look for that could be making my car over heat?
like sensors or relay’s could be doing this or any thing that i have not mentioned that i could be missing?

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    1. MC says:

      either the water pump or a bad head gasket….I don’t think it would be the heater core..turn the heater on, if the car gets hot inside the heater core is not plugged up….

    2. marvin A says:

      a lot of aluminum engines have bleeder valves on thier coolant system to release air from the system. This is because of the way the coolant circulates thru the engine head and manifolds, the air wont naturally expel itself thru the overflow. And these air pockets prevent the coolant from flowing to the radiator properly,,and the engine gets hot. If i were you i would look into it.

    3. kelly_f_1999 says:

      not likely id bet the radiator is about stoped up heater core mostly control the heat inside the car and wouldnt cause it or less likely to be it id have the radiator flush or dip by a radiator shop best … could be a belt silping could be the air seem like you have done it all already id take it to anothe rshop and ask them to check

    4. John P says:

      The heater would not cause the engine to over heat as the water for engine cooling by-passes the heater or at least it used to. I have seen the water pump go bad as to where the pulley turned but the impeller did not as it came loose from the shaft. Was this a brand new radiator or from a junk yard ? Is the radiator cap the correct pressure ? Is the anti freeze a 50/50 mixture ?
      Is the drive belt slipping ? Are the fins clean in the radiator ? Is the cooling fan running at full speed, I had this happen to me, check the fan speed by having another car next to yours and see if the speed is about the same, that is what I had to do.

    5. Jay P says:

      The heater core is inside the dash and it is a big job to get to it. I highly doubt it is the problem though. If it only overheats while idling or when the a/c is on shows that the cooling system works but not during high demand times.
      You may have air pockets in the coolant, a bad rad cap, a hairline fracture in the head gasket or other coolant leak somewhere.

    6. dodge man says:

      you need to have a pressure check done on the complete cooling system and see what that shows up if there are any leaks at all in that system it will run hot,even a leak you cant find will show up if you have it pressure tested,and a bad heater core will cause one to heat up a small amount,the coolant needs to flow through all the hoses real good other wise it acts as a clog would and slows down the rate of speed that the coolant will flow through,but it wont make it run real hot just a few degrees over what it should,once you have it pressure tested you,ll know why its running hot,that will make the cause show up,a bad water pump will also cause this even though its not leaking the blades on it will wear out and cause this too happen,and most people think now that if a water pump isn’t leaking its good that isn’t true it can be bad and not leak a drop ,good luck.