Vacuum Hose From Distributor To Carb. 1972 Chevelle

Hey, I installed my HEI MSD Street Fire Distributor about a month ago. Haven’t driven the car since because I have been working on other parts of the motor. About a week later, my buddy and I took off the carb to clean it and replace some parts on that. Yesterday, we connected the carb back up but it seems like we lost the vacuum hose that goes from the vacuum advance on the distributor to the carb. We can’t find it anywhere. My question is: What is that for? Do we need it? What happens if we just plug the ends so no air will get in there and won’t mess anything up? And finally, how do you know if you will need to have that hose? I know about the vacuum advance on the distributor but not really sure what vacuum hoses do. Any info would be awesome. Thanks

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