Using Starting Fluid To Start A Car

On my 1972 Chevelle 350, my friends and I rebuilt part of the motor. Got new parts (distributor, wires, plugs, alternator, battery, starter, cables, battery, water pump, carb, etc…) and we tried to start it. It would get REALLY close to starting but won’t go all the way. So, we sprayed a lil’ bit of starting fluid in the carb and it started right up and then died. All new fuel, new fuel filter, air filter, vacuum hoses and all new things. So, seeing as how the car won’t start but gets really close without starting fluid, what can it be? It’s getting good compression, good spark on each cylinder, timing is correct, good power and it is getting fuel to the carb. Do you think I have to adjust something on the carb? It won’t go without starting fluid. So since it will with that, I believe the problem is fuel. Like, no enough. And when it is sprayed, it will go but then stall right away. What do you think I might have to adjust to get it going? All other parts are working; but just won’t start all the way and stay idling.
Timing has been messed with. New HEI distributor. Set it to TDC and tried. Not all the way. Retard it, way too off. Advanced it, got close. Too far advance, not getting as close as it was. Checked fuel filter, brand new. New fuel pump (working – disconnected line at carb and a steady amount is coming out). All new fuel (cleaned out tank and installed fresh gas), used a timing light. Done. All new vacuum hoses that are connected correctly. I imagine something is wrong with the carb or needs to be adjusted. Choke is working and all that. Thanks though

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