Upside Down On Car, But The Car Is Having Major Problems. What Are My Options

I owe about $9,000 on my 2002 Ford Escape. It has over 100,000 miles and now is having emission system problems. I had bad credit when I bought the car 3 years ago, and while I don’t have excellent credit, I’m not that bad. I think I have around a 650. I know I made a bad decision at the time of purchase, but I really had no other choice.

Currently the car runs with almost no power. I have changed the spark plugs, ignition coils and catalytic converter. I feel that I may need to replace the catalytic converter again. Should I give up and find something new? I’m unclear of what my options are.
I live next to an auto zone. It is showing a misfire on cylinder 5 and 6. I have changed the spark plugs and ignition coils.
I think the cat is going dead because of another issue. The last cat was melted, I think something about the ing is causing the cat to get super hot. I and my mechanic can only attribute it to my coils, spark plugs, intake manafold, or the EMC. I’ve changed the coils and spark plugs. This means I may have fixed the problem, but I may have destroyed another cat prior to replacing the coils.
I also found out that I have 2 more years payments and my interest rate is %15.99. Could I save money in the long run by rolling the negative equity to a new car loan with less interest?

Your response is merited because I didn’t know what to include in the original question.

What I have been doing is what the mechanic(s) said they would do. The unburned fuel is most likely the issue, this (according to sources) is due to the misfires I am having. That would mean changing the coils, and spark plugs. At 100,000 miles I should be changing them anyway. It being so close to Christmas, I don’t have another 800 to dish out to a mechanic to putz around when I can do the same thing for free.

I think my best bet will be to take it to a Ford Dealership to get it fixed. Even though it’ll cost me. Perhaps it will be less if I explain to them what I have already done, they don’t have to waste time checking the plugs or coils.

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