Upside Down On Car, But The Car Is Having Major Problems. What Are My Options

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I owe about $9,000 on my 2002 Ford Escape. It has over 100,000 miles and now is having emission system problems. I had bad credit when I bought the car 3 years ago, and while I don’t have excellent credit, I’m not that bad. I think I have around a 650. I know I made a bad decision at the time of purchase, but I really had no other choice.

Currently the car runs with almost no power. I have changed the spark plugs, ignition coils and catalytic converter. I feel that I may need to replace the catalytic converter again. Should I give up and find something new? I’m unclear of what my options are.
I live next to an auto zone. It is showing a misfire on cylinder 5 and 6. I have changed the spark plugs and ignition coils.
I think the cat is going dead because of another issue. The last cat was melted, I think something about the ing is causing the cat to get super hot. I and my mechanic can only attribute it to my coils, spark plugs, intake manafold, or the EMC. I’ve changed the coils and spark plugs. This means I may have fixed the problem, but I may have destroyed another cat prior to replacing the coils.
I also found out that I have 2 more years payments and my interest rate is %15.99. Could I save money in the long run by rolling the negative equity to a new car loan with less interest?

Your response is merited because I didn’t know what to include in the original question.

What I have been doing is what the mechanic(s) said they would do. The unburned fuel is most likely the issue, this (according to sources) is due to the misfires I am having. That would mean changing the coils, and spark plugs. At 100,000 miles I should be changing them anyway. It being so close to Christmas, I don’t have another 800 to dish out to a mechanic to putz around when I can do the same thing for free.

I think my best bet will be to take it to a Ford Dealership to get it fixed. Even though it’ll cost me. Perhaps it will be less if I explain to them what I have already done, they don’t have to waste time checking the plugs or coils.

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    1. Tone says:

      Your options are:
      fix the car and keep in running at its optimum as it is not old and has low mileage.
      Trade it in on something better with good trade specials right now you can alleviate som of the “upside down”
      THose are your two options at this time.
      650 will not get you any rave reviews doe interest rates, so be prepared to payy about 12 % for new car, 15% for used. Also you will only get about $3 for the car as trade in unless you find a special $10K push pull or drag, but then the new vehicle has high tag. I say fix the car.

    2. Lafftaf says:

      Is your emissionslight on? If it is, go to aauto-zone email me the code and I can try to help you out…

      On those, the egr valve and the dpfe sensor seem to cause those problems. That vehicle has a lot of sensors on it that can cause it to act up.

    3. Scott H says:

      No way should you have to replace the catalytic converter twice in 100,000 miles. You’ve got some other issue.

      You owe more than the car is worth, which will make it impossible to sell and expensive to trade. The negative equity you would need to finance would put you in a worse position.

    4. Bryan C says:

      Did you try the o2 sensor?

    5. Alfredb1979 says:

      You would not be asking this question if you had taken the vehicle to a good shop and had them fix this right hte first itme.

      You probably spent a month or two worth of payments on stupid part swapping right there!

      Did it ever hit you to try a compression check to find out why that unburned fuel is toasting cat converters???

      Or did you figure that because you do not have the know-how or equipment to do this stuff, that ignorance is bliss?

    6. Jimmy-``floridian`` says:

      I am not advising the following: Car needs to get stolen, wrecked or burned…insurance company will pay damages or total the car; however if you owe too much, you’ll still be responsible for the shortage! BTW- enjoy driving your 2002 Escape for awhile!

    7. Chuckles951 says:

      A stuck EGR valve or clogged vacuum passage for it can cause over hot running as well which may kill a CAT. But there is no getting out from being under water on your loan.