Truck Won’t Start Update Ford 89 F250, Engine 351 5.8L

First off, I thank you all very much for advice, ive printed it and have it readily on file, and have read it carefully, but I am still far from solving my problem.

Since my first post, we have not been able to start the truck.. yesterday we couldn’t get any spark and were stuck with that problem the whole day, however we eventually exchanged “TFI” modules with a different truck, allowing us get spark, but perhaps a weak spark – because we can’t get the engine to fire.

now our suspicions lie with either a problem in the fuel injection system or weak engine compression – or perhaps even in weak spark, perhaps indicating a faulty ignition coil, or related parts.

One thing i did not mention in my last post is that this engine is new… however the EEC system is old and parts of it may be broken or disconnected.. the EEC system actually has us quite in the dark, as I have yet to know what much of it does..
This engine is only about a year old, and had run very well until mid summer when it seemed too gradually lose power/begin to run bad.. the truck is needed to pull cattle and do heavy work, granted, but it should still be in excellent condition.

About mid November the transfer case went bad and the truck sat in the farm garage about a month until we put in a spare – and then it started up and ran, but the engine ran so poorly we decided to look at the timing… leaving us with our current dilemma.

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