Stripped Distributor Cap Hold Down Screws

4.3 liter Chevy S10 Pickup.Went to remove dist. cap. SHOULD have soaked screws with WD-40 but didnt 🙁 ) First screw came out ok, second hold down screw busted off. Threads still in hole. Just a bit to get a hold of on top. Got is soaking right now. I think on the other side, the threads are stripped, either on the cap screw or the plate it screws down to..Can these be re-tapped to slightly larger holes and new screws installed so cap sits down tight? Thanks
I noticed the motor mount bracket just in the right place where I can measure from that to the top of the hole in the cap and get a slightly shorter spring from the Hardware store and hook it to motor mount bracket and pull it up and hook other end to hole in cap. That will pull it down tight as I need it for now… and they call me a Redneck…./????

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