PLEASE HELP Screw To Secure Distributor Cap Broke. Need Vehicle.

I have a ’95 Dodge Caravan 3.0L v-6. The screw closest to the engine block broke. I need to get a new distributor cap on here that will seal properly. If what I state or assume is wrong, please let me know and correct me. I’m a shady tree mechanic at best. I’m trying to tune the van up myself because I don’t have the money to bring it to anyone.

Drilling: Due to the limited space between the engine and this screw’s placement I can’t get a drill bit to go straight down on top of this screw to either put a hole in it to extract it or just drill a little larger and put a bolt on the other side.

Remove Distributor:
1 – I see the bolt on the front of what holds the entire distributor in place though there are so many things in the way I can’t even see, much less get to, the back of the distributor and see what holds this in place.
2 – If I do remove this don’t I need to get it to a specific place again or the timing will be off?
3 – If this is the only way to get this screw out then what will I need to do when I put this back and where is the other bolt holding the distributor in place and what do I need to do to get to this.

Other Options? What am I missing? This mini-van has over 100,000 miles on it and the distributor cap should last another 100,000 miles, which is longer than the car, so is there some other way to seal/secure this that I’m missing?
There are just 2 screws that keep the distributor cap in place.

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