Oil Leaking Into Distributor Cap

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I have a honda civic lx 1990, 1.5 engine, oil is leaking into the distributor cap, which makes the car run rough sometimes, I want to avoid a new distributor, what is something I can do to fix it. i have to clean it every week for it to run good, or else it doesnt run good. please help..

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    1. slp9209 says:

      check your vaulve cover gasgets

    2. John Paul says:

      Drill a small hole in the bottom of the distributor to allow the oil to run all over the transmission or install a vacuum hose and suck the oil back into the air filter or catch can. Engine with worn seals and excessive blow by past the piston rings exibit oil leaks like you have. The best repair is a rebuilt distributor and check compression and Cyl leakage to only find out an expensive engine replacement. Or a car that has seen less than 18 snows or summers. Admit it you wanted a new car something a bit more powerfull with A/C didn’t you?

    3. Nomadd says:

      The shaft for the distributer rides in a bronze race. If it’s leaking, it’s worn and needs to be replaced.