Need To Restore Compression In #6 Cylinder What Can I Do

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Ok i own 95 chev caprice Lt1 mech tells me #6 cylinder low or no compression. other cyl ok how can i fix this compression with out having the engine pull and rebuild. according to my old school books you would squirt a little oil in the cyl it would fix the problem
does that still work or is there any auto parts store that sells some type of oil cleaning or lubricating for the piston and cyl and rings. i dont have the money to buy a rebuilt engine what is the best solution for resolving the low compression. my engine shakes too. new plugs, wires, distributor, waterpump ,egr, alt,. pcv, already on it. I need to restore the compression in the #6 cylinger but i would like all my cylinders to stay working also does the valves get dirty how can they be clean just as well. internet sites state that the exhaust valves might need cleaning too. help

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    1. lak3rat says:

      My hubby says try a little transmision fluid in the cylender but it sounds like the whole thing is starting to dive, all the problems it has. either read up on the car and try fixing them or try a newer used car .

    2. race21 says:

      do yourself a favor and do it right. Pull the motor, and have it rebuilt. Otherwise your just asking for more trouble.

    3. cryowinder says:

      oil in the cylinder does work for a little while— also try teflon— tranmission fliud down carb/tb will get rid of carbon in/on valves cannot really fix worn parts without replacing

    4. Go Rush! says:

      obviously you’ve had a compression test to determine the pressure. Now if you squirt a little engine oil into the cylinder that’s low and check it again. If the pressure goes up it’s the rings and you will need a rebuild. If the pressure stays the same you could get away with just a valve job. Neither is very cheap.

    5. Slobbery says:

      Oiling down the cylinder will only work (temporarily) if the problem is with rings. It could be a valve problem (burned or cracked) or cracked piston and all the oil in the world won’t bring back compression for those. Good luck !

    6. shel_bug66 says:

      Throw a little borax into the spark plug hole and fire away. Or maybe some of that rebuild in a can stuff. There is no way to permanently restore the compression in a cylinder without a rebuild. Back in the day the borax was the ticket though. It supposedly re-etches the cylinder wall and enables the rings to re-seat. I don’t think I would be trying it in your LT1 though.